Martyr's Tongue interview - Audio Violence from Puerto Rico (english version)

Since we are a Brazilian blog with most of the posts on portuguese, that's the first time we'll put the interview in english (so as the post), don't know if that would be a thing on the blog or not, we will see..

Wazzup, people? Today we'll have an international interview, this time with Martyr's Tongue, negative hardcore/metal from Puerto Rico, influenced by such names as Integrity, Rotten Sound, Spazz, Tragedy and Eyehategod. Furious music with misanthropic and apocalyptic lyrics and imagery, talking about of the tragic human condition and men consuming himself on war and conflicts. We had a talk with Axel Otero (lead guitars) and Bradley Pacheco (vocals), Check out!

First and most important of all, introduce yourselves: Who is Martyr's Tongue? How did it started and what are your influences?

Axel: My name is Axel and I play lead guitar in Martyr's Tongue and joining me for this interview is Bradley who is the vocalist for the band. Martyr's Tongue is basically an idea we had from almost 3 years ago but finally did something last November. Basically we got sick and tired of everything we we're doing and also hearing at the time, we just wanted to do something true to us, pour all our darkest of feelings into this music and share this apocalyptic vision we both have… the vision of humanity erased.

Until now you guys recorded an EP in 2012 that will be released on a 7'' soon, besides, a split with the germans of Ablaze and Cleveland natives in Avalanche, how was the process of recording and how did you get in touch with these guys? (Did you talked to them? Did they talked to you? Did you searched a label? etc...)

Axel: It was a little bit of all. Basically, it was all through Facebook, I do remember Christian (Ablaze) telling me they were gonna do a split with Avalanche, somehow the idea of doing it as a 3 way split came up, so I got in touch with Lee (Avalanche) who I knew before through his other band Empire of Rats. All of us in each of the bands talked about doing something together before, so this was the perfect opportunity.  After a few emails with a few labels, Ablaze approached a good friend of theirs, Roy from Southwest Hardcore Records, who believed in what all of us were doing and was kind enough to join in and put this split out.

Since you are from Puerto Rico and we don't know much of a Hardcore/Metal/Rock history in the island, I think it's pretty hard organizing gigs around there, how is the "scene" there?

Axel: Organizing gigs is pretty hard as is, we have like 4 legit venues that support Metal and Hardcore music and since PR is fairly small, things can get dull pretty fast, seeing the same bands and people every weekend. I don't like using the word "scene" but like every other "scene" we have a few good bands.

Besides Martyr's Tongue, do the members have other projects or bands or is this your main work?

Axel: Our drummer Felix plays drums for death metal band called Severe Mutilation who are also friends with us and our other guitarist Fabian is the lead singer and guitarist of Ma Catharsis Et La Mort, both excellent bands. For the rest of us, this is our main band, although on my behalf I have a few projects that you can check out, including You Will Suffer and Nuclear Cleansing, a recent project i'm working with members offellow Holy Terrorist group Godbreaker, VVhorror and Malware.

Which are your future plans? more EP's and Splits or a Full Length record?

Axel: Our future plans are hopefully touring in the US, which we are working on at the moment, hopefully we'll be in the states by December. Another 7 inch vinyl split is being worked on but i can't give too much details right now, and also we're going to have by August a physical release in vinyl of our first EP which we released online last December through bandcamp. Full length album may be on the works before those plans get done.

Since we are a blog that make some recommendations, we want to know what you guys are hearing out and give to the people that are reading this interview some tips of new disgraceful music to listen:

Bradley: I would recommend checking out The Infamous… Gehenna, Withdrawal, The Hollowmen, Impulse, Full of Hell, ACxDC, Anti-Sociales, Un Final Fatal, KDC, IAMTHEPLAGUE, Juventud Crasa, Godbreaker, Ablaze, Avalanche, Low Life, Black Mask, Benchpress, Facewreck, Tropiezo, Tragedy, Needles, Young and in the way and Pick Your Side.

Axel: Apart from what Bradley mentioned which all are amazing bands with awesome people in it, I would recommend for you guys to listen to more Goth music.

Since we are a brazilian blog, it's time for a obvious and kinda stupid question, what brazilian bands you guys know and like? Any interest to come here someday, if yes, how can producers and fans contact you?

Axel: Brazilian bands we know about that we like are Shade of Mankind, Sarcofago, Ratos de Porão, and Sepultura. We also know about Monica Santhiago and Reginna Rizzi. We would be interested in flying down to Brazil one day, people can contact us through our Facebook page or

Well guys, that's it, thank you very much for the time and answering those questions, any last words to the readers?

Death is the gate to life.

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